Eucharistic Prayers

1.Adapted from John Knox’s “Manner of the Administration of the Lord’s Supper” of 1560:

O Father of Mercy, and God of all consolation, since all creatures acknowledge and confess you as Governor and Lord: It becomes us, whom you have made with your own hands, at all times to honor and magnify your divine majesty. First, because you have created us in your own image and likeness: But above all because you have freed us from that everlasting death and damnation, into which the power of evil drew the human race through sin, from bondage to which neither man nor angel was able to make us free. We praise you, O Lord, that you, who are rich in mercy, and infinite in goodness, have provided our redemption in your only and well-beloved Son, who in your true love you gave to be made a man like us in all things, sin excepted, to receive in his body the punishment of our transgression, by his death to make satisfaction to your justice, and through his resurrection to destroy the power of death; and so to bring life to the world again.

O Lord, we acknowledge that no creature is able to comprehend the length and breadth, the depth and height of your most excellent love, which moved you to show mercy where none was deserved, to promise and give life where death had been victorious, to receive us in your grace when we could do nothing but rebel against your justice. O Lord, the blind dullness of our nature will not allow us sufficiently to weigh your ample benefits; yet, nevertheless, at the commandment of Jesus Christ our Lord, we present ourselves at this his table, which he has left to be used in remembrance of his death, until his coming again: to declare and witness before the world, that by him alone we have received liberty and life; that by him alone acknowledge us to be your children and heirs; that by him alone we may come near to the throne of your grace; that by him alone we are may in your spiritual kingdom eat and drink at his table, with whom we will eat one day in heaven, and by whom our bodies shall be raised up again from the dust, and shall be placed with him in that endless joy, which you, O Father of mercy, have prepared for your chosen ones before the foundation of the world was laid. And these most immeasurable  benefits we acknowledge and confess to have received from your free mercy and grace, by your only beloved Son Jesus Christ: for which, therefore, we your congregation, moved by your Holy Sprit, give you all thanks, praise, and glory, for ever and ever. Amen.


Example 1 adapted and collected by M.D. Bush, with this note: “Real eucharistic prayers fell out of fashion in Reformed worship soon after the Reformation. Calvin used them, and this one adapted from Knox is dependent at several points on Calvin’s. Old’s Leading in Prayer has a number of excellent eucharistic prayers of Dr. Old’s own composition . I recommend those prayers, that book, and everything Old writes.” 

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