Prayers After Communion

From John Knox’s Manner of the Administration of the Lord’s Supper of 1560:

Most merciful Father, we offer to you all praise, thanks, and glory, that in your great mercy, it has pleased you to grant us, who are miserable sinners, so excellent a gift and treasure, as to receive us into the fellowship and company of your dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord. You delivered him to death for us, and now you have given him to us as food and nourishment for eternal life. And now we pray, O heavenly Father, that you will never permit us to become so ungrateful as to forget your wonderful benefits; but imprint and lock them in our hearts, so that we may grow and increase more and more in true faith each day, and that we may continually use our faith in all kinds of good work; and O Lord, make us strong in every difficulty, so that we may constantly stand in the confession of faith, glorifying you in our lives, you who are God over all things, and blessed for ever. So be it. Amen.

Adapted by M.D. Bush.


 Adapted from G. C. Binyon’s Prayers for the City of God, 1927:

O Christ, our only Savior, so live within us that we may go from here with the light of hope in our eyes, and the fire of inspiration on our lips, your Word on our tongues, and your love in our hearts. Amen.

Adapted by M.D. Bush.

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